Dangerous Fish of Florida Waters

Dangerous Fish of Florida Waters


  • Dangerous Fish of Florida Waters

Published Date

  • published 1940


In Cuba the flesh of the barracuda is considered poisonous. The
city of Miami forbids its sale as food but many fishermen deride the claim
that the eating of barracuda steaks is followed by ill-effects. Some do
admit, however, that the larger fish may cause illness. The point is still
disputed but, as a rule, the barracuda is in general disfavor. (1 p. 205)

Known for their furious, unprovoked attacks, as "tigers of the sea,"
barracudas are awarded first place among the undesirable citizens of the
ocean. They are common along the east coast of Florida, the Keys and
lower west coast, and are found, perhaps because they depend principally
on sight to find their food, in shallow waters where they hover around
coral formations, wrecks, pilings and so forth. Larger specimens, however,
lurk in the blue-gray depths of the Gulf Stream. (1 pp. 198-205)

Many evil deeds laid to sharks are really the work of the sea-
tigers. Indeed there are some who claim that a shark has never been
known to attack a living human being. It is true that sharks are less apt
to attack human beings than the barracuda. Small sharks are usually
timid and difficult to approach. Large ones, especially after feeding, are
often lethargic to the point of indifference when approach by a human

"It has been my experience the world over that a shark is timid,
and perhaps warrants, at times, being called a coward, as it is in many
lands," writes Captain William E. Young who spent many years of