Dangerous Fish of Florida Waters

Dangerous Fish of Florida Waters


  • Dangerous Fish of Florida Waters

Published Date

  • published 1940


other tropical regions they are considered a rare delicacy. They are
snared in Southern Europe, especially in Spain and Italy. Ordinarily they
are speared but some ingenious methods have been devised. (4)

One species, the Eledone moschata is found in water from ten to
twenty fathoms deep. The fisherman lowers earthen jars to the bottom
where he leaves them for a few hours. Creeping along the bottom the
octopus finds these jars which provide excellent hiding places. The
octopus secrets itself in the jar, and for some reason, does not become
alarmed when the returning fisherman pulls the jar to the surface. (4)

The octopus is quite a traveller and is represented by one or
another of its family in almost every ocean. So, too, are those more or
less mythical sea serpents about which so many bizarre tales have been
woven. We say "more-or-less mythical" because scientists are not at all
agreed upon the subject. They are unwilling to admit the existence of sea
serpents because no specimen, or even part of a specimen, has ever been
secured. On the other hand, some very reliable and learned authorities
have reported the appearance of gigantic serpentine monsters. However,
scientists have already listed ever 15,000 species of sea animals; new
ones are being found almost every day and no one can be sure what
strange creatures will be brought to light tomorrow. (5)