Dangerous Fish of Florida Waters

Dangerous Fish of Florida Waters


  • Dangerous Fish of Florida Waters

Published Date

  • published 1940


The peppery man-of-war, however, is less to be feared than the
loathsome moray eel, known for its viciousness as the "rattlesnake of the
sea." Even the smallest of the morays commands respect, for it is short-
tempered and a fierce fighter. Its bite is highly septic. (9)

The morays, sharks, barracudas and dozens of other sea creatures
have evil reputations but, outside the danger they represent for human
beings, they do not differ greatly, in their manner of living from other
forms of sea life.

Most fish depend for their subsistence upon other fish. The larger
eat the smaller and the latter, in turn, find a still weaker, more
defenseless form until at last the line of existence reaches the lowest
planes of life represented by myriads of infusoria whose profusion
supplies either food or great "earth" deposits on the ocean floor.