Dangerous Fish of Florida Waters

Dangerous Fish of Florida Waters


  • Dangerous Fish of Florida Waters

Published Date

  • published 1940


great or small, that comes its way. Size or kind makes no difference. Its
ravenous jaws have the strength of spring-steel and are capable of tearing
gaping chunks from the belly of sharks or tarpons with one flashing twist
of its body. (1 p. 201)

In the lower Florida Keys, barracudas often run in large schools,
cruising slowly about in the shallow water. A vicious pack of hungry
water wolves, nothing they sight escapes them. No one, taking a cooling
dip from a boat, could hope to gain safety if the pack is within striking
distance. Bathing in these infested waters is foolhardy and may result in
an inglorious end. (1 p. 201)

They are the bane of fishermen because they so frequently destroy
hooked game or food fish before the angler can boat his prize. The havoc
they work is so thorough and so quickly done that when the fish-reels in this
catch nothing is left of it but the head. This sea beast even attacks and
devours its own kind when one is hooked or wounded. (1 p. 201)

If a barracuda has any feeling beyond its capacity for cruelty it is
a contempt for fear. It never displays the least hesitancy in entering
battle. There is some doubt as to whether a barracuda has any sense of
pain. They have been caught, partially cut up, and thrown back into the
sea after which they swam away without exhibiting any signs of pain.
One of these mutilated barracudas was caught a few moments later on
bait cut from its own body. (1 p. 201)