Black Caesar

Black Caesar


  • Black Caesar

Published Date

  • published 1941


Captain Teach was killed. Black Caesar and his men were
captured and brought in chains to Virginia where the governor ordered
them to be hanged. Black Caesar asked that aid be sent to his starving
people on the Florida Keys, but no one would listen.

The women and children left behind in Black Caesar's village had
little food. When that was gone they dug up plants and roots. When
there were no more roots to eat, many of them became sick and died.
Only a few were left alive when a wandering band of Indians came upon
the village and saved them.

One of Black Caesar's children was among those saved. An old
Negro known as "Parson" Jones, who died in 1930 at Homestead,
Florida, claimed that he was descended from Black Caesar. Jones was
sometimes called the Sultan of Caesar's Creek.

Caesar's Creek is a waterway between the keys where Black
Caesar lived. Not long ago the Cocolobo Club was built on the key
where Caesar had his camp. No one knows what became of Caesar's
buried treasure.