Black Caesar

Black Caesar


  • Black Caesar

Published Date

  • published 1941


At first the chief was unwilling to visit the white man's ship but
the warriors, who wanted these magic watches, begged him to go.

When they reached the ship the trader ordered the black warriors
to remain in a large room in the hold. The chief and the bodyguard were
brought up to the trader's cabin. When all the black men were below,
sailors very quietly set a few sails and the ship slowly drifted away from

The savages were too busy looking at the inside of the ship to
notice what was happening. The trader ordered food for his guests.
There were so many savages that it was a long time before every man
was served. After everyone had eaten, the trader began given them

Over the chief's broad shoulders the trader threw a robe of
brightly colored silk. On the chief's head he placed a crown of shinning
tin set with sparkling but worthless stones. There the trader's men
brought toy watches to the warriors in the hold. While they were
exclaiming over their gifts, the white man closed the heavy door and
made them prisoners. Their shout of alarm reached the chief who would
have rushed to their aid, but before he could move, the cabin was filled
with armed men.

Too late the chief saw how he had been trapped. He and his
bodyguard fought fiercely for freedom, but the white men beat them
down and bound them with chains.