Black Caesar

Black Caesar


  • Black Caesar

Published Date

  • published 1941


"This land is as good as another" said he to his men. "Let us
build a village here."

"But we have no wives," objected one of the men.

"We will find wives on the vessel we capture," Black Caesar
answered. They robbed more ships and found many slave women who
were willing to become wives of pirates. The chief found a bride in this

To make his village safe from attack, Black Caesar ordered it
built on an island hidden from passing ships. Some of the men captured
by him wished to become pirates and so the village grew. As the years
passed, several children were born in the village.

The pirates were proud of their chief. They were glad to have
such a strong man to lead them. He was pleased to see his people happy.
When he was a home he dressed in silks and satins taken from the ships
he had robbed.

Black Caesar robbed so many ships that ship captains were afraid
of him. They no longer sailed their vessels where he could find them.

The pirates were often without food because they had obtained
most of it by looting ships. Soon everyone was hungry.

At this time Black Caesar's wife became ill. Day by day she
grew weaker. When she died he was very sad. He ordered his men to
roll a huge rock over her grave. Black Caesar sat in his house and