Black Caesar

Black Caesar


  • Black Caesar

Published Date

  • published 1941


The next day his men came and said. "Our wives and children
are starving. We must find food. Lead us, oh Chief, that we may eat."

"I have heard," replied the chief, "of a great pirate named Teach,
who has a stronghold somewhere to the north. Perhaps he will give us

Black Caesar's men were happy with the plan. In those days
almost every town was protected by a fort. The pirates were afraid their
ship would be captured if they tried to buy food in a town.

Black Caesar divided the little food that remained, leaving most
of it for the women and children. Then the pirates sailed northward to
find Teach.

Captain Teach was a cruel man. He has sunk so many ships that
colonists in Virginia said that he must be captured. They sent a fearless
fighter, Captain Maynard against him.

Captain Maynard had a great warship and many men. He found
Teach in the Colony of Carolina.

Black Caesar had found Captain Teach and was talking to him
when Maynard's warship arrived. Teach refused to surrender and began
a fierce battle. For hours the roar of cannon and the rattle of musket fire
filled the air. Many men were shot.