Will of Zephaniah Kingsley

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of Camp New Hope, also Sarah Murphy’s mulatto child Mican- opy now in Hayti. I do also solemnly enjoin my colored and na- tural children, that seeing the il- liberal and inequitable laws of this territory will not afford to them and to their children that protection and justice, which is due in civilized society to every human being: Always to keep by them a Will, ready made and legally executed, directing the disposal of their property, after their death until they can re- move themselves and properties to some land of liberty and equal rights, where the conditions of society are governed by some law less absurd than that of color. This I strongly recom- mend, nor do I know in what light the law may consider my acknowledged wife Ann Madgi- gene Jai, as our connubial relation took place in a foreign land, where our marriage was celebrated and sol- emnizes by her native African custom altho never celebrated according to the