Will of Zephaniah Kingsley

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(say 1/12th) shall be paid to Anna Madegine Jai Kingsley or to her heirs or assigns. Two parts (2) to John Maxwell Kingsley, my son by Anna M. Jai. Four parts (4) to be paid to George Kingsley my son to Anna M Jai. Two parts (2) to be paid to Flora H. Kingsley her heirs or assigns. One(1.) part to be paid to Micanopy the son of Sarah M. Kingsley, should he live until the years of discretion. All the foregoing legacies and bequests in this will are granted in fee simple absolute on consideration that no fur- ther claim or action at law shall be instituted or suggested by any of the parties against my Estate except the usual lawful changes and commissions.Seventh~ I do hereby declare that it is and shall be lawful, for my executors to retain in their hands sufficient money of the proceeds of my estate, to defray all necessary charges and expenses in the Admin- istration thereof before paying over the surplus as aforesaid.Eighth~ I do hereby order and direct that whenever I may happen to die,