Will of Zephaniah Kingsley

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Fifth~ To George Kingsley my son by Anna Madgigaine Jai Kingsley I will and bequeath all my nautical in- struments including maps, charts, &c. to be sent out to him at Hayti by way of New York or otherwise clear of expense to him.Sixth~ It is my will and desire, that as soon after my decease as is con- venient to my Executors, that all the specific legacies and devises afore- said shall be separately set-apart-and reserved, by my Executors for the special purpose aforesaid and that all the remaining part of my property real and personal, including what sums may be received from Government in compensation of losses in 1812 or 13, or since of what-nature or kind soever after the payment of my just debts: Shall by my Executors, or their assigns, be sold or converted into money, and the net amount be divided in twelve equal parts or shares (12 parts) or shares, one of which part shall be paid to my nephew Kingsley B. Gibbs in full compensation for all claims that he may have or devise against my Estate. One part