Will of Zephaniah Kingsley

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that my body may be buried in the nearest, most convenient place without any Religious Ceremony whatever, and that it may be ex- cused from the usual indiscreet formalities and parade of washing, dressing & c. or exposure in any way but remains just as it died to the common burying Ground.Ninth~ Should I leave any Slaves, I earnestly recommend to my Executors not to separate the families by selling them individually with- out their consent, if to be avoided.Tenth~ It is my will and I do herby authorize my Executors not to separate the families but to allow to any of my slaves the privilege of purchasing their freedom at one half the price of their valuation, on consideration of their migrating to Hayti, if they cannot be al- lowed to stay as free in this territory.Eleventh~ I do hereby appoint Kingsley B. Gibbs, George Kingsley and Benjamin A. Putnam as guardians to my infant natural children, amongst which I acknowledge all those of Flora H. Kingsley