Petition to the will of Zephaniah Kingsley

Petition to the will of Zephaniah Kingsley Page 7

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Page 7 His death as aforesaid: and that the said John H. McIntosh and Albert G. Phillips did on the same day & year last aforesaid make and file in this Honorable Court are apprai- sement of certain of the said personal property & slaves am -ounting to the sum of thirty thousand and Eighty Dollars, as will move fully and at Large appear by reference to the records & proceedings in relation to said Estate now remaining on file in this Honorable Court reference thereto being had, and your Petitioner for greater certainty beg leave to refer to all the records and proceedings on the hearing of this matter. And your Petitioners further shew unto your Honor that the said Kingsley B. Gibbs and Benjamin A. Putnam who are so acting as such Executors as aforesaid have not filed in this Honorable Court any inventory of any of the personal property and slaves belonging to said Estate except what is con- -tained in said appraisement, and your Petitioners are advised and believe that said appraisement does not contain such an inventory as is required by Law in such cases; and that such as it is, if does not contain any list or item of notes, bonds, accounts, or other claims due to the said Estate, of which, your Petitioners are informed & believe that these are a very considerable number, amounting to a very large sum: but what number or to what sum they amount your Petitioners do not know; nor does the said appraise ment contain any item or account of any monies recovered of the Government of the United States (as will appear by reference thereto) although your Petitioners are informed and believe and so state the fact to be, that the said Kingsley B Gibbs and Benjamin A. Putnam, as such Executors as aforesaid have received, or have to their credit in some bank in the city of New York or elsewhere at least Forty Thousand Dollars. of money which has been recovered of the Government aforesaid for losses sustained by the said Zephaniah Kingsley by the operation of the