Petition to the will of Zephaniah Kingsley

Petition to the will of Zephaniah Kingsley Page 18

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Page 18 as aforesaid. And further that they and each of them be and appear before this court on the said first day of the next term thereof to be holden as aforesaid, and then and there shew cause if any he or she may have or can shew why the prayer of the said petitioners ought not to be granted, or why they should not be held or required so to do Given under my hand at chambers this 19th AD October 1844. Farquhar Bethune Judge Duval County Court Territory of Florida County of Duval I, Isaiah D Hart Clerk of the County Court of said County hereby certify the above to be a correct copy of [the original] Petition filed October 21st A D 1844 and of the order in said [matter?] the date last aforesaid Witness my hand and the seal of Court Isaiah D Hart Clerk By Oscar [S] Hart D.C.