Petition to the will of Zephaniah Kingsley

Petition to the will of Zephaniah Kingsley Page 19

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Page 19 In the name and by the authority of the Territory of Florida To the Sheriff of Duval County: Greeting: You are hereby commanded that you immediately cite and admonish Kingsley B Gibbs one of the Executors of the Last will & Testament of Zephaniah Kingsley last of Fort George Island in the County of Duval deceased to answer the petition of Martha McNeil William Gibbs McNeill, Catherine Palmer, Anna Whistler & George W. Whistler her husband: Isabella King and Ralph King, her husband; and Sophia H. Cooper heretofore filed in this court and of which the annexed is a true copy, at least Ten days before the first day of the next term of this Court, to be holden at the Court House in the Town of Jacksonville in said County on the first Monday of April next ensuing: and that he be and appear in said court on the first day of said Time (to be holden as above mentioned) then & there to shew cause if any he may have or can shew why the prayer of the said Petitioners ought not to be granted, or why he should not be held & required so to do. And also that you cite and admonish the said Kingsley B Gibbs Executor as aforesaid that he do not pay out any money or monies or distribute any property Goods or chattels of the Estate of the said Zephaniah Kingsley deceased, and that he is hereby strictly prohibited from paying out any money or monies or distributing any Goods or chattels or other property at his peril; which may of the said Estate, in his hands, or within his power control, or in the hands, or within the control of any other person or persons for him, or which may hereafter come unto his hands, or within this person control, or into the hands or within the power or control of any other person or persons for him to any of the [Legatees or Denizens] of the said Zephaniah Kingsley deceased, or to any other person or persons whomsoever until the further order of this Court. And make due return of your doing herein, and the same you are not to omit at your peril Witness the Honorable Farquhar Bethune Judge of County Court and the seal of said Court at the Court House aforesaid this 24th AD October 1844 Isaiah D Hart, Clerk Tho. Douglas. Esq: Proctor for Petitioners [\] By Oscar Hart D.C.