Petition to the will of Zephaniah Kingsley

Petition to the will of Zephaniah Kingsley Page 21

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Page 21 In the name and by the authority of the Territory of Florida To the Sheriff of Duval County: Greeting: You are hereby commanded to cite and [admonish] George Couper Gibbs, that at least ten days before the next Term of the County Court for the County aforesaid to be holden at the Court House in the Town of Jacksonville in said County on the first Monday of April next ensuing he answer the petition of Martha McNeill, William Gibbs McNeill and Catherine Palmer, late Catherine McNeill of Stonington in the State of Connecticut, Anna Whistler late Anna McNeill and George W. Whistler, her husband of St. Petersburg in the Empire of Russia, Isabella King late Isabella Gibbs and Ralph King of New Orleans, in the State of Louisiana and Sophia H Couper late Sophia Gibbs of Fort George Island in Duval County aforesaid, hereto for a filed in said Court. And that laying all other business aside, and notwithstanding any excuse he personally be, and appear before the Judge of Our said Court at the Time so to be holden as aforesaid on the first day thereof: And that he then and there shew cause if any he has or can shew, why the prayer of the said Petitioners ought not to be granted, or why he, the said George Couper Gibbs, should not be required so to do. And further to do and receive what our said Court shall order and decree in the [premises] And this you are in no wise to omit. And have then there this writ Witness the Honorable Farquhar Bethune Judge of our said Court and the seal of said Court at the Court House in Jacksonville aforesaid this 28th Day of October AD 1844 Isaiah D. Hart, ClerkBy Oscar Hart D.C. Tho. Douglas, Esq. Proctor of Petitioners