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Capitole de Tallahassee
The territorial Capitol as sketched by the Comte de Castelnau and painted by Paris A. Bertrand in 1842

Bibliography & Additional Resources

A variety of additional resources on territorial Florida are available in print and on the web. This section contains a list of helpful online tools and a selected bibliography.

On the Web

Florida Digital Newspaper Library

This database, maintained by the University of Florida, provides free online access to over two million pages of historic through current Florida newspapers. A number of territorial-era newspapers are part of the collection, including the Florida Courier (Tallahassee), the Floridian (Tallahassee), the Florida Argus (Pensacola), the Pensacola Gazette, and the Apalachicola Courier, among others.

Territorial Papers of the United States - provided by HathiTrust Digital Library

The Territorial Papers of the United States consist of the official records of those Federal territories which ultimately became States of the Union. The records for Florida are found in volumes 22-26. The majority of these records consist of correspondence between the United States Department of State and Florida's Territorial Governors relating to the administration of the government. Documents contained in Part I have relevance mainly to the civil and military occupation of the provinces of East Florida and West Florida subsequent to the treaty of cession of 1819. Parts II - XIII contain papers relating to the administration of Governors or Acting Governors Jackson, Worthington (East Florida), Walton (West Florida), DuVal, Eaton, Call, Reid and Branch. Each volume contains an exhaustive index.

Selected Bibliography

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Family & Community Life

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Local Histories

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Maps & Land Documentation

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Government & Politics

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War & Military Affairs

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