Wakulla County- Florida's last uncrowded playground Brochure

Wakulla County- Florida's last uncrowded playground Brochure



Driving Force of progress

Energy always builds the house of progress, and someone has to provide the energy and the determination to move forward.

Wakulla county today is vibrating in its greatest era of progress. One driving force behind this advancement is the Wakulla County Chamber of Commerce.

Originally chartered in 1928, it operated until the depression and rock-bottom conditions killed it. But afte World War II dynamic citizens re-organized it to work for the economic and social betterment of the county and its citizens.

You can hardly go through Wakulla County without finding works which are monuments to Chamber efforts. It was a prime mover behind obtaining 300 miles of Rural Electrification lines, brining electricity to almost all homes and businesses int the county. It plugged for the county's new $200,000 courthouse and $70,000 jail. These attractive buildings stand as objects of rightful pride for the county's citizenry.

Wakulla County's highway network has risen from the rank as one of the worst in the state to one fo the best, in recent years, due in part to the Chamber of Commerce's vigorous efforts.

Promotion of agriculture and forestry long has been among the Chamber's successful progams. Cooperating with the County Agent and Farm Bureau, it has sponsired pasture tours, recognizing and stimulating farmer's efforts in the county's growing cattle business.

The Chamber long has advocated sound management of Wakulla County forests. Partially as a result, thousands of forest acres have made an amazing comeback from the era of the 1920s when timber was greatly depleted.

Much other effective work ahs been done by this potent force. It has not stood and waited for progress to come. Rather, it has exterted the energy and determination to make the progress of tomorrow a reality of today.


Motorist thrill to travls down paved, first class highwys, especially when they wind through land of grandeur and scenic beauty.

Wakulla County can offer its visitors 166 miles of paved roads, which make almost every nook and corner of the county easily accessible.

These highways must be proving somewhat of an attraction. for Florida Road Department figures show that in 1960 over 1,250,000 more vehicles traveled the major arteries in Wakulla County than in 1953.

This remarkable increase is another indication of the tremendous forward strides made in the county's development in the past decade, for the benefits of tourists, sportsmen, new residents and local citizens.


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