Wakulla County- Florida's last uncrowded playground Brochure

Wakulla County- Florida's last uncrowded playground Brochure


Fpr Hunting, Fishing, Fine Living


A land of alluring enchantment with a hearty offering of outdoor recreation is Wakulla County.

In a semi-tropical clime, Wakulla beams with sunshine, and abides in breezes from the Gulf of Mexico, on which it is situated.

For fishing in the salt water of the Gulf or in Wakulla's fresh water lakes and streams it's an angler's heaven. He can fish along 150 miles of coastline, or the Ochlockonee, St. Marks, Wakulla and Sopchoppy rivers, or in 25 lakes and bubbling springs.

For hunting, where you can find better? Turkey, quail, dove, deer, squirrels, rabbit, raccons, bobcats, fox, marsh hens, ducks, bear and occasional panthers- these all romp in the pine forests, fields and marshes of Wakulla County.

Another fact of hunting here too, is of widespread fame. Many visitors from the North come to Florida during the winter but to an area the size of Wakulla County there certainly come no more visitors than the thousands of Canada geese which make this their cold weather home.

Famous businessmen, magazine publishers, industrial tycoons, manufacturing executives- these and many other people have selected Wakulla county as one placy they must go during hunting season each year.

Yet it does not require a large income to afford the pleasure of setting your sights on Wakulla County game. Costs of a hunting part in this outdoorsman's stomping grounds lie well within the average hunter's budget. And for hunting you will find them here, the kind that come only from participating in the hunt and that no amount of money can buy for you. Wakulla's coastal islands, marshy plains, hammocks, and swampy areas tingle with excitment during hunting season.

The sportsman can fill his bag, and find outdoor entertainment and recreation that brings relaxation and satisfaction. he goes back to his routie of life refreshed physically and mentally, re-energized and less burdened with worry and tension.

In this time of tensions which recur int he lives of almost everyone, everday, in the business of making a living, a slower pace, a hunting, fishing or sightseeing trip equips your to realize your greatest potential.

Doctors say that most people need such diversion. Fewer persons would fall victim to nervous breakdowns or upsets, medical specialists report, if they took more time off for unhurried, healthful fun. You can find it in the outdoors of Wakulla County.


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