Wakulla County- Florida's last uncrowded playground Brochure

Wakulla County- Florida's last uncrowded playground Brochure


Business Activity Shows Gains

An all round business increase reflects a phenomenal growth in the number of fishermen, hunters, and transient travelers attracted to Wakulla County each year. In the decade ending 1960 the number of motel and hotel rooms doubled, redoubled and redoubled again.

Construction of such facilities continues to grow and no signs yet point to a let-up in the volume of this sports and tourist trade. In fact, every indication points up propsects for an even greater increase in the near future.

Additions to existing tourist accomodations and new units are evident in many areas of the county. Even such a booming state as Florida, with her rapidly growing "gold coast" luxury resort areas, Wakulla ranks among the leading six counties in tourist accomodation increases for the past ten eyars.

Yet many valuable business sites still lie ripe for development. New enterprises will propably require less capital in this developing country than almost any other place in Florida. Good locations can still be had at resonable prices.


Travel in number of vehicles per day has more than doubled. For each nine cars on the highways in 1950 there are over 20 cars a dya. Percentagewise, the incrase has been 121 per cent.

Over one and a half million vehicles used Wakulla County's major arteries in the year 1950. Two and three quarters million used them in 1960.

To meet this greater demand of tourists and sportsmen ot see and partake of the county's scenice hunting and fishing, recreational, and other opportunities, the highway netowrk has been greatly expanded.


One great potential of Wakulla County which ahs not been fully realized is her possibility as a home for retired citizens. Already new residents have invaded the county to make it their abode for their retired years. However, many such people show no desire to remain inactive.

Wakulla County surely stands as a frontier where those of ingenuity can set their own goals and reach them.

Sites for homes and cottages are abundant at astonishingly reasonable prices in these days of inflated dollars. Scenic locations offer the tranquil beauties of river and Gulf fronts, or pinefilled forest  lands or lots on lake front areas. However, those seeking building sites face the fact that construction ofhomes is on the increase.

Several areas have been subdivided by progressive, forward looking businessmen. Many additional areas appear ready for such developmnet today. The time to make Wakulla county your home is now.

The fishing and hunting possibilities here loom large as an attractiong to retiring businessmen. No where can you find a more ideal place to escape the smog, the speed, the tension, the dizzying crowds of city life. Wakulla County proudly proclaims itself as a rural county, where you can set yourself a leisurely pace in an enjoyable atmosphere.


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