Letter, Harmon W. Shields to Lou Cohen regarding fish smokers - December 10, 1965

Letter, Harmon W. Shields to Lou Cohen regarding fish smokers - December 10, 1965


December 19, 1965

Mr. Lou Cohen
Seafood Merchandiser
Food Fair Stores
7000 Northwest 32nd Avenue
Miami, Florida

Dear Lou:

Following through on our recent discussions, this is to officially advise you that the 1965 session of the Florida Legislature authorized a Marketing Division under the Florida Board of Conservation. Funds available for the Florida Board of Conservation to promote Florida seafoods amount to approximately $300,000 annually. Under this new program the Florida Board of Conservation presently is hiring two fishery marketing specialists and seven home economists.

In order to achieve maximum effectiveness in promoting Florida seafoods, our agency is working cooperatively with the Southeastern Fisheries Association and the United States Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Commercial Fisheries. We speak therefore for all three agencies when we say that we intend to go “all out” in the promotion of the portable fish smokers which Jack Brawner and I discussed with you. In summary, we will do the following:

1. Develop video tapes and films for distribution to all television stations in Florida.

2. Arrange for personal appearances of home economists and Conservation agents on television throughout Florida and Georgia.

3. Arrange for food editors to do feature stories on these portable fish smokers. Most of the food editors of the major newspapers in Florida already have been contacted and have promised full front page coverage of the food selection, e.g., Virginia Heffington of the Miami Herald, Ruth Gray of the St. Petersburg Times, and Ann McDuffle of the Tampa Tribune.


State Archives of Florida: Series S1159, Box 01, Folder 11


Written by Harmon W. Shields, Director of Marketing for the Florida Board of Conservation to Lou Cohen of Food Fair Stores, a supermarket chain. Shields informs Cohen that the Florida Legislature had just authorized a marketing division for the Florida Board of Conservation, and that the division had $300,000 to spend on seafood marketing annually. One of the strategies the division intended to pursue to increase public consumption of Florida seafood was to promote the use of portable fish smokers. Shields describes some of the promotional strategies the division intended to pursue, and essentially asks Cohen to get his chain of stores involved in marketing the smokers to consumers. If Cohen agrees to this, Shields says he would contact Anheuser-Busch and Kraft Foods to get them involved as well.