Recipe for Swamp Cabbage

Recipe for Swamp Cabbage


Swamp Cabbage
Hearts of 3 Cabbage (sliced)
Salt Pork 3/4lbs
Onions 3 med size (Chopped)
Garlic 1 large clove (Chipped fine)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Slice salt pork. Fry in pot until brown, add Cabbage, Onions, garlic, Salt and Pepper.
Add enough water to cover about 3/4 of the Cabbage. Cook on med heat until tender.
In slicing Cabbage, you may leave a little of the bitter. If so add about 2 tablespoons Sugar.

Cara Harne
PO Box 44
Estero Fla


State Archives of Florida: Collection N2009-3, Box 139, Folder 12


Recipe for swamp cabbage written by Cara Harne of Estero, Florida. The recipe was found in the papers of Hedwig Michel, a leader of the Koreshan Unity in Estero. The recipe appears to date to around 1975, when Michel was in the process of compiling a cookbook.