Storytellers at the 1998 Florida Folk Festival (Storytelling Tent) (Saturday)

Date: May 23, 1998

Source: S1576 , Container 70 , C98-19, C98-20, C98-21, C98-22, C98-23, C98-24, C98-25, C98-26, C98-27, C98-28, C98-29, C98-30, C98-31, C98-32, C98-33, C98-34, C98-35, C98-36

Type: Sound

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  • Family in Florida (Forney) (C98-19)
  • Henry Flagler story
  • JJ Lewis and his surrey
  • Wee Red Man (Taylor) (C98-20)
  • Magic Fiddle
  • Mountain Whippoorwill
  • Poem by Stephen Vincent Benet
  • Dog Blue and Miss Wilson (Matlock) (C98-21)
  • Mr. Dedemier and His Poodle
  • John McKay
  • Jed Smith
  • Sixty Years Into the Future and the Last Florida Panther
  • Dog, Cat, and a Ham
  • Walk-Off People (Koontz) (C98-22)
  • Stolen Necklace
  • Rabbit and Hyena Play the Calimba
  • Dancing Skeleton
  • How Butterflies Got Their Name
  • Building Out-Houses (Wiseman) (Cont. on C98-23)
  • Building an Indoor Restroom
  • Tom the Toad
  • Chicken, Carrier Pigeon and Woodpecker
  • Three Brothers in Florida
  • Kentucky Mountaineer (Rice)
  • Bye Bye Love (Lazonby) (C98-24)
  • Tomcat and Larry
  • My Old Yellow Cat
  • Modern Technology
  • Story of military and computer (Rice)
  • Chipper (Hackworth) (C98-25)
  • Grandpa story
  • Mr. Johnson and a Stray Cat
  • Science Fiction movies
  • Princess and a Snake (Bryce) (C98-26)
  • North Florida Before Indians
  • Joe and Sal
  • Stories and songs (Lee & Sweet) (C98-27) (Cont, on C98-28)
  • Wooden Leg (Tate)
  • Mosquito Dust
  • Talipod
  • Brer Rabbit and Brer Coon
  • Cousin Elton
  • Space Cadet John (Drury) C98-29)
  • Rocket Engine
  • Ray Gun
  • Puddle Monster
  • Blowing Up Stumps
  • Prinderella and the Since (Davis & Nesmith)
  • Wicked John and the Devil (Newsom) (C98-30)
  • Jack the Hunter
  • No News (Storytelling Sims) (C98-31)
  • Obedient Albert
  • Bean Creek
  • Old Joe and Jack
  • Cut Finger Story (Johns) (C98-32)
  • Deer Hunter
  • Big-Eared Man
  • Big Cypress Swamp
  • Hare and the Tortoise
  • Yeahaw Junction
  • Charlie the Batter (Mittlestadt) (C98-33)
  • Uncle Art the Atheist
  • Brer Possums Dilemma (Campbell) (C98-34)
  • John Henry
  • Story Stone (Byrne) (C98-35)
  • Three Dolls
  • Henny Penny (One Heart) (C98-36)
  • Three Little Fishes
  • Coming Round the Mountain

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  • 18 audio cassette recordings. Storytellers spoke between 10:00am and 7pm at the Storytelling Tent. Several of the storytellers also sang songs.

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