Storytellers at the 1998 Florida Folk Festival (Storytelling Tent) (Sunday)

Date: May 24, 1998

Source: S1576 , Container 71 , C98-37, C98-38, C98-39, C98-40, C98-41, C98-42, C98-43, C98-44, C98-45, C98-46, C98-47, C98-48, C98-49, C98-50, C98-51, C98-52

Type: Sound

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  • Magic Fiddle (Taylor) (C98-37)
  • Jack T
  • Wee Red Man
  • Why Dogs Sniff Other Dogs
  • 18th Century stories and songs (Lee & Sweet) (C98-38)
  • Obedient Albert (Sims) (C98-39)
  • Creation story
  • Sorry is as Sorry Does
  • Calf and Bill Agamemnon
  • Uncle Cohlie (Johnson) (C98-40)
  • Water and Wind
  • Cat and His Drum
  • Grandpa Johnson and the Army
  • Fisherman
  • Dog and Firstmaker
  • Bolin Monroe
  • What you Want, Baby I Got It (Page) (C98-41)
  • Creation story
  • Uncle Ed Tells a Fish Tale
  • Grandpas Nightfishing
  • King and a Dessert
  • One-Eyed Man and the Two Cousins (Newsom) (C98-42)
  • Cow Salve
  • Hatchie Hen
  • Why Mockingbirds Dont Sing on Fridays in Florida
  • Peasants folk tales
  • Stories & songs (Patetrson) (C98-43)
  • How Old Blue Died (Matlock & Bruce) (C98-44)
  • Professor Gardner (Drury)
  • Mr Buzzard and Mr. Hawk (Forney)
  • Bell of Ottrey (Koontz)
  • My Father the Preacher and Cousin Elton (Case)
  • Rocket man (Drury) (C98-45)
  • Uncles Cattle Ranch
  • Uncles Farm
  • Little Red Riding Hood (Harshbarger) (C98-46)
  • Devils Luck
  • Tommyknocker and the Lazy Boy
  • It Could Be Worse
  • Rumplestiltskin
  • If People Could Fly (Campbell) (C98-47)
  • Loudmouth
  • My Mosquitos Buzz (Cont, on C98-48)
  • Possum and Snake (Hackworth)
  • Turtle Who Talked Too Much
  • Wide-Mouth Frog
  • Tom the Toad
  • Mr. Johnson and the Stray Cat
  • Mijo Kokodrie (Matlock) (C98-49)
  • Who has Most Strength
  • Fiddler Crab
  • Plez Lewis the Trickster (Forney) (C98-50)
  • im Billies Hat (Boomslang) (C98-51)
  • Notary Public March
  • Moonglow Motel
  • Flamingo Roadkill Cafe
  • Lead Bottom Saga (Lazonby) (C98-52)
  • On Economics
  • Dreaming a Lottery Win
  • Lord Giveth and Taketh Away
  • Stories (Case)

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  • 16 audio cassette recordings. Storytellers spoke between 10:00am and 7pm at the Storytelling Tent. Several of the storytellers also sang songs. Harshbarger used finger puppets.

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