Storytellers at the 1998 Florida Folk Festival (Storytelling Tent) (Friday)

Date: May 22, 1998

Source: S1576 , Container 69/70 , C98-1, C98-2, C98-3, C98-4, C98-5, C98-6, C98-7, C98-8, C98-9, C98-10, C98-11, C98-12, C98-13, C98-14, C98-15, C98-16, C98-17, C98-18

Type: Sound

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Event Name

Collector or Fieldworker

Tradition Bearer

Genre or Occupation

Title of Work

  • Sunday Best Storm (Page) (C98-1)
  • Grandpa Going Fishing
  • Olustee Creek Story
  • Uncle Ed
  • The Tailor (Davis & Nesmith)
  • Hen Who Plucked Out Her Feathers (C98-2)
  • A Thief in the Marketplace
  • Richard Charles Story
  • Prinderella and the Since
  • Pretty Little Pot (Fuller) (Cont. on C98-2)
  • Florida Trail experiences (Drury)
  • The Shadow (Louis)
  • Story of Bouki
  • Bouki Takes Care if His Mother
  • The Tommy-knocker (Harshbarger) (C98-3)
  • Magic Fan
  • Princess and the Pea
  • How Toucan Got Stripes on His Beak
  • Gummi Wolf
  • Nowhere to Run (Tale Tellers of St. Augustine) (Cont. on C98-4)
  • The Couch
  • Cochise and the ?
  • Finnish-American stories (McConnell)
  • Sisu (C98-5)
  • Ozark Mountain stories (Unindentied performer)
  • Aunt Katie
  • The Milking
  • Chinese Girl and the Fish (Bryce) (C98-6)
  • Origin of Cinderella Story
  • Pandora Mythology
  • Seminole stories (Johns) (C98-7)
  • Three Little Pigs (Bruce) (C98-8)
  • Fox and the Turtle (Young)
  • Cracker Tales (Hendricks) (C98-9)
  • Strawberry story (Taluga) (C98-10)
  • Four Sisters
  • Uncle and Girlfriend at a Cemetery (Louis) (C98-12)
  • Stepchild story
  • Why Haitians Come to Miami
  • Finnish-American stories (McConnell) (C98-13)
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb (Bruce) (C98-14)
  • Stories (Patterson & Gail) (C98-15)
  • Stories and Songs (Gail) (C98-16)
  • Stories (Larkin) (C98-17/18)

Place Name

Corporate or Conference Name


  • 18 audio cassette recordings. The tape for C98-11 is missing. Storytellers spoke between 10:00am and 7pm at the Storytelling Tent. Several of the storytellers also sang songs. Davis and Nesmith billed themselves as the Peace River Tale Spinners.

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