You Got to See Florida

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  • 1950s

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  • 23:45; color; sound; DA028, S. 828


  • This film starts with Florida agriculture, including papaya and sugarcane. Viewers see farming on reclaimed Everglades muck land and imported grass from India is mentioned. The film shows cattle herds on a "man-made Pampas that a few years ago were swamp." Tern rookeries on Bird Island, Marine Studios, purple gallinules, gators, and lots of wild flowers with butterflies are shown. Next are bellowing alligators, white ibis, blue heron, coots, rails, egret, and green heron. Viewers see Seminoles spear fishing, in a village grinding corn, and cooking with a baby in a hammock. Phosphate mining, shelling on Sanibel Island, hermit crab, citrus, tarpon fishing in the mangroves, bass fishing, parrots, the University of Miami, and Bok Tower are shown. This is a beautiful Kodachrome print. Sponsored by Gulf Oil.

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