Flier encouraging investment in lime production in South Florida

Flier encouraging investment in lime production in South Florida


Florida Leads the Nation

Editorial in Tampa Tribune of June 30 says Florida's population
gain from 1930 to 1937 was 13.74 per cent, which leads the Nation. Cali-
fornia's increase was 8.39; and for the Nation, 5.27. "The South Atlantic
group of states outgrew the other divisions, with a combined gain of

"Go west young man" is now "Go south young man;" and they are
going. The Editorial says: "Florida, first state- in population gain; in
substantial recovery; in opportunities for substantial investment; in at-
traction to home-seeker, pleasure-seeker, business-seeker; in assurance
of continued growth."

There Are Many Reasons --- Here is One
Green Gold of Redlands Building New Colony, is head-
ing of article by Harriet G. Blackwell, author of note, in Florida Grower
of July, 1938, from which we condense the following:
"In various parts of Florida, there is a marked movement toward
the subsistence homestead, where a living may be derived from small

"Col. A. L. chose limes for the major crop of his project, rather than
oranges or any of the more common citrus fruits, because much greater
profits accrue from them than from other tropical groves, also because
they come into mature bearing two or three years quicker.

"After four years, a Persian lime grove, properly tended, will pro-
duce net profits of not less than $200.00 per acre, at times raising to
$600.00, $700.00, or $800.00 per acre.

"These are excellent profits, considering the modest original invest-
ment. But of course future profits depend upon future markets. Still,
there is such a limited area in continental United States where Persians
can be grown, that it is probable the demand will always exceed the
supply." -p. 5.

Say you paid $5,000 for a 10-acre lime grove three years old. On the
fourth year it may give a return of $2,000, based on above figures. This
may run up to $8,000 a year, as told above.

If it were possible to make the skeptics of the cold north believe these
facts and figures, south Florida could not hold the multitude that would
rush into her borders.

Some do believe it; that is why Florida's population gain in the last
seven years leads the Nation.

If unable to buy a young grove, buy 10 acres of virgin land for $500
and develop a grove. Then make a living some way for four years, and
you are fixed.-C.


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Flier encouraging people to invest in lime production in South Florida.