Ocala bull sale, January 22, 1963.

Ocala bull sale, January 22, 1963.

Published Date

  • published 1963

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  • Ocala.


  • ''Florida's greatest sale of purebred bulls -- where quality is plainly marked''


Florida's Greatest Sale of Purebred Bulls
Bull Sale
'Where Quality is Plainly Marked'
11:00 a.m., Tuesday, January 22, 1963
Southeastern Livestock Pavilion
Ocala, Florida
All Breeds Sell- As Singles, or Pen-Lots of 3
164 Head Sell
46 Herefords 5 Brahmans
54 Angus 33 Charbray
11 Shorthorns 10 Charolais
5 Santa Gertrudis
All Bulls Will Be Graded and Sifted the Day Before the Sale and
Grades Will be Stamped on Each of the Bulls Selling
Auctioneer: R.D. "Bob" Cooper, Sarasota
Sponsored By Marion County Cattlemen's Association
for Information and Consignments Contact D. H. Oswald, Box 310, Ocala, Florida
Reprinted from the January 1963 Issue of the Florida Cattleman and Livestock Journal