Flier entitled "Facts You Should Know"

Flier entitled "Facts You Should Know"


Facts You Should Know
The Climate of the Earth is divided into three Zones:
Tropical, Temperate, Frigid.
1.- The Tropical is the Zone of Life and Home of Humanity. It furnishes
food perpetually, spontaneously produced by Nature. It is filled with evergreen
vegetation, giant animals, giant people. The men of some races are all over seven
feet tall.
No part of the Adamite period is so strongly emphasized as the Warm
Climate. Man's dwelling naked in the Edenic Garden (Gen. 2:25) proves there is
no alternative of summer and winter, but one warm season of eternal growth.
2.-The Temperate is the Zone of Hibernation. Vegetation and animals are
smaller. Vegetation and most animals in winter go into deep sleep. Those that do
not, are clad in heavy coats of warm fur.
3.- The Frigid is the Zone of Death. Its intense cold and eternal snow
make living there impossible.
Man is not made to live in the Zone of Hibernation. His body is not
covered with heavy fur, and he cannot sleep all winter.
The ways of the Transgressor are hard. See how hard man works to outwit
God! Amazing but true! Behold his host of inventions to create Artificial
Conditions so he can live in the Zone of Sleep. Costly clothing, costly dwellings,
costly heating plants, costly storage-plants to supply food in winter, when trees
are barren and fields are frozen.
Man has lived so long in his Artificial Environment in the Zone of Sleep
that he thinks it his natural home. To build and maintain it, he grinds out his
precious days in weakening toil, from the effect of which he sinks into disease
and early death.
Man is made to live without labor in the Zone of Life, and to subsist on the
laxative fruits of the Evergreen Garden. This is the Law of God; the conclusion
of science; the verdict of biology; the decision of physiology.
Be on guard against false teachers. They would sell your Soul for gain.
Doctors declare that they can cure your mental and physical ills. Politicians
assert they can cure your economical ills. The fact they cannot do these things is
proven by ages of sad experience.
Trust God alone. He leads none astray. Learn His laws. Leave the zone of
Hibernation. Return to the Zone of Life. Great will be your reward.
Scientific Living, Box 366, Sebring, Florida


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0144


This flier explains that Earth is divided into tropical, temperate, and frigid zones, and that humans are intended by God to live in the Tropics.