Undersea Wonders

Undersea Wonders


  • Undersea Wonders

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  • published 1940


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those two thick lips of the shell is a hard brown shell-like substance
which is really the foot of the conch animal. He sticks this foot out
of his shell and pulls himself around with it. If you pick one up,
the conch will quickly snap the foot back into the shell, and the
end of it will make a solid closed door to the shell home. (6) (7)

"And now, I see we are almost to Fowey Rock Lighthouse. Not
far from the lighthouse is an old wreck and I am quite sure we will see a
lot of fish at home."

"Why do fish like old wrecks?" Peggy Ann asked.

"Chiefly, I think, because sweet barnacles grow on old wrecks,
and these the fish like to eat. Also, small fish find old wrecks safe places
to hide when large fish are looking for their dinners. But here we are,
over the wreck." (5) (6)

"Oh! This is wonderful!" said Peggy Ann. "I never dreamed
there were so many things to see off our Florida coast. Tell me the
names of some of these fish."

"The big purple one is a bonito; over there is a pair of rainbow
fish, while the blue and gold ones are the angel fish. You can see a
whole school of yellow tails and also hundreds of blue fish, that shine
like a sparkling blue gown. But it is getting late and now we must hurry
home." (5) (10)