Undersea Wonders

Undersea Wonders


  • Undersea Wonders

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  • published 1940


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Peggy Ann looked and saw they were sailing right over a school
of dolphin; hundreds of them, their scales of blue and yellow sparkling
like jewels as they swam about.(9)

"My!" Peggy Ann Said, "If I weren't afraid of meeting a shark or
a barracuda I would like to slip over the side of the boat and swim along
with the dolphin."

"Sounds nice," said the Captain, "but my advice to you is to be
satisfied with looking through a glass bottom bucket and enjoy the
beauty of undersea life in safety."

Presently they passed over a small coral reef where a beautiful
angel fish in blue and gold with opal eyes seemed to say: "Hello little
girl, would you like to take a journey with me through our gardens under
the sea?"

"Oh I'd love it," said Peggy Ann as she pretended to go over the
side of the boat. But the angel fish darted away.

"Look beneath you now," said the Captain. "Down there are
stars, hundreds of stars."

"Oh, what are they, really?" asked Peggy Ann. "I never expected
to see stars walking about on the bottom of the ocean."

"These are starfish," replied the Captain. "They are little animals
and very much alive. Notice the five perfect points just