Undersea Wonders

Undersea Wonders


  • Undersea Wonders

Published Date

  • published 1940



Peggy Ann had listened to many stories, told to her by old
Captain Moore, about a garden under the sea. In the garden were royal
purple plumes and lacy waving fans in pink and yellow; even a forest of
white coral trees, through which swam tropical fish as gay in color as the
bright tropical birds of the jungle.

For a long time the Captain had promised Peggy Ann a sail down
Biscayne Bay to the lighthouse on Fowey Rock. It was to be an exciting
adventure because the Captain told Peggy Ann that, through a glass
bottom bucket, he would show her some of the wonders of this undersea

At last came a perfect day for a sail. The sky was cloudless and
blue and the water of the bay still bluer. A soft tropical breeze stirred
just enough to pull the sails along.

"My!" declared Peggy Ann, "this is splendid. I could sail on and
on and never get tired."

"Well," said the Captain, "we are sailing on and on to the edge of
the Gulf Stream where I have seen some very nice undersea gardens.
But now, on a clear day like this, even without a glass bottom bucket, if
you look over the side of the boat you will see many kinds of fish at
home in their undersea world."