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A S And J Produce Company
A. Duda And Sons Cooperative Association
A.D. Symonds And Son
A.H. Draughon And Son
A.S. Herlong And Company
A.S. Herlong Packing Company
A.V. And Victor E. Lent
Adams Packing Association, Incorporated
Adams Packing Company, Incorporated
Alcoma Packing Company, Incorporated
Alexander And Baird Company
Alfred Damus
Alturas Citrus Fruit Company
Alturas Citrus Fruit Company, Incorporated
Alturas Packing Company, Incorporated
Alturas-Garfield Citrus Cooperative
American Fruit Growers, Incorporated
American National Foods, Incorporated
Andrew Duda And Sons
Angelo Greco And Company
Apopka Fruit Company
Apshawa Groves, Incorporated
Arvida Fruit Company
Avon Park Citrus Growers Association
Axel T. Peterson
Babijuice Corporation Of Florida
Barfield Groves
Battaglia Fruit Company
Bay View Farms, Incorporated
Bell Celery Company
Bell Fruit Company
Bell Fruit Company, Incorporated
Belleview Growers Packing Company
Ben Hill Griffin, Incorporated
Bert Marshall
Beverly's, Incorporated
Bishop Hoyt Fruit Company
Black-Carter Marketing Company
Blue Goose
Blue Goose Growers, Incorporated
Blue Key Growers, Incorporated
Brandon Brokerage Company, Incorporated
Brogdex Fruit
Brooksville Citrus Growers Association
Brown Canning Company
Bryan Groves Packing Company, Incorporated
Burdines (Department Store)
C.F. "Clint" Smith
C.F. Smith, Incorporated
Campbell And Sons Fruit Company, Incorporated
Campisi And Diaz
Carter Fruit Company
Certi-Fine Fruit Company
Charles B. Wiggins
Charles W. Irrgang Jr.
Chase And Company
Chase Groves, Incorporated
Chase Investment Company
Cherry Lake Farms
Christian And Cockrill
Circus Fruit Corporation
Citrapak Corporation
Claude Barley, Incorporated
Clearwater Growers Association
Colonial Development Corporation
Consolidated Naval Stores Company
Cornelius And Sons
Cowan's Hydroponic Farms, Incorporated
Coward Fruit Company
Crescent City Fruit Company
Crosby Vegetable Growers And Shippers
Crosby-Wartmann Packing Company
Cub-Ama Fruit Company
Cunningham And Bozzelli
D.L. Wadsworth And Company
David Bilgore And Company
Deerfield Groves Company
DeSoto Canning Company
Dimond-Tager Company
Dr. Allen's
Dr. P. Phillips Cooperative
E.H. Borchardt Company
Eastlake Packing Company
Edwards Packing Company
Egan, Fickett And Company, Incorporated
Eisemann And Stevenson, Incorporated
Elfers Citrus Growers Association
Eustis Packing Company
Everglades Growers Cooperative
Excello Sales, Incorporated
Exchange Distributing Company
F. Higel
F.C. Ford Brokerage Company
F.F. Dutton Jr.
Fancee Farms, Incorporated
Farm Produce Company
Felix D'Albora And Company, Incorporated
Ferris Groves
Florida Citrus Exchange
Florida Tomato Packers, Incorporated
Florigold Growers, Incorporated
Food Machinery Corporation (New York, N.Y.)
Four H Sales Company
Frank Friend
Futch Fruit Company, Incorporated
G. Demopolis Mantas
G.G. Oldham, Incorporated
Gainesville Produce Market
Garden City Fruit Company, Incorporated
Gentile Brothers Company
George S. Marsh Groves
Golden Gem Growers, Incorporated
Grand Island Citrus Cooperative, Incorporated
Grand Island Fruit Company
Grantham Produce Company
Graves Brothers Company
Gregg Maxcy, Incorporated
Gressinger And Sons
Grove Fruit Packing Company
Grove Fruit Packing Company, Incorporated
Growers Fruit And Produce Company
Gus Hall Citrus Fruits
H. Gatrell
H. Jennings Rou, Incorporated
H.J. Pemberton
Haines City Citrus Growers Association
Halle-Boy Sales
Harold H. Kastner Company
Harvey's Groves
Hastings Potato Growers Association
Hatton And Sons
Heller Brothers Packing Company
Henry Sanders
Herman J. Heidrich And Sons
Heye Pinellas Groves Company
High H. Branch, Incorporated
Hillsborough Packing Company
Hodney Fruit Packers
Hogan And Sons
Holly Hill Fruit Products Company, Incorporated
Holly Hill Fruit Products, Incorporated
Holly Hill Fruit, Incorporated
Holly Hill Groves
Holmes Fruit Company
Hugh H. Branch, Incorporated
Hull Packing Company
I.F. Cook And Sons
Ideal Holding Company
Indian Lake Fruit Company
Indian River Associates, Incorporated
Indian River Citrus Sub-Exchange
Indian River City Packing House
Indian River Exchange Packers, Incorporated
Indian River Packing Company
Isleworth Grove
Isleworth Groves
J.C. (Clyde) Doolittle
J.C. Valenti And Company
J.C. Valenti Company, Incorporated
J.V. Campisi
J.W. "Bill" Hunt Produce Company
J.W. Cochran
Jack Napier Strong
James A. Gaskill
James Mountain And Sons
Jill Brothers, Incorporated
Joe Hatton
John Barone And Company
Johnson's Wax
Keen Fruit Corporation
Kelly Willis Associates, Incorporated
Killarney Fruit Company
Kissimmee Citrus Growers Association
Knight Farms
Knights Groves
L And J Brothers
L. Maxcy, Incorporated
L.C. Bilbrey Fruit Company
L.L. Johnson And W.S. Shields
Lake Alfred Packing Company
Lake Byrd Citrus Packing Company
Lake Charm Fruit Company
Lake County Citrus Sales, Incorporated
Lake Fruit Company, Incorporated
Lake Garfield Citrus Cooperative
Lake Hamilton Cooperative, Incorporated
Lake Placid Groves
Lake Region Packing Association
Lake Shore Growers Cooperative
Lake Wales Citrus Growers Association
Lakeland Packing Company
Lakeland Packing Company, Incorporated
Largo Fruit Company
Lee Company, Incorporated
Louis L. Jacob Company, Incorporated
Louis L. Jacob, Incorporated
Lucerne Park Fruit Association, Incorporated
M. Blattner
M.E. Brown, Incorporated
M.H. And W. Produce Company
M.O. Buster Williams
Manatee Fruit Company
Marion County Citrus Company
McBride Packing Company
McIntosh Produce Company
Micanopy Packing Company
Miles Potato Corporation
Milne-O'Berry Packing Company
Milne-O'Berry Packing Company, Incorporated
Mims Citrus Growers Association
Minute Maid Company
Minute Maid Corporation
Minute Maid Groves Corporation
Mo-Bo Produce Company, Incorporated
Moore And Morgan, Incorporated
Mount Dora Growers Cooperative
Mrs. Jack Barwick
Mt. Dora Growers Cooperative
N And S Groves
N. Belitz
N.N. Starling
Nelson And Company, Incorporated
Newbern Groves
Newbern Groves, Incorporated
Norman E. Gaber Company
Norman M. Coffin, Incorporated
O.D. Huff Jr.
O.D. Huff Jr. Groves, Incorporated
O.D. Huff Jr., Incorporated
O.R. Johnson
Oak Hill Citrus Growers Association
Oklawaha River Citrus League
Orlando Citrus Growers Association
Oslo Citrus Growers Association
P.K. Richardson And Sons
Palm Harbor Citrus Growers Association
Palm Terrace Fruit Company
Palm Tree Terrace Fruit Company
Peace River Packing Company
Perkel Fruit Distributors, Incorporated
Perkins Groves And Packing House, Incorporated
Pioneer Company
Pioneer Growers Co-op
Pioneer Growers Cooperative
Plant City Packing Company
Polk County Citrus Sub-Exchange
Prenner And Smith
R. H. Nason
R.D. Keene, Incorporated
R.D. Kenne, Incorporated
R.W. Cody
Railway Express Agency, Incorporated
Ralph Crosby
Red Level Farmers Market
Reid And Reid Shippers
Ridge Lime And Avocado Growers, Incorporated
Rizzo And Sons, Incorporated
Roper Brothers, Incorporated
Roper Grower's Cooperative
Roper Growers Cooperative
Rosbough Farms
Ruby Lake Grove
Ruskin Tomato Growers, Incorporated
S.M. Jones And Company, Incorporated
S.S. Coachman And Sons
Saladino And Favata Company
Sam Senter Farms, Incorporated
Sanford Fruit Company
Seald Sweet
Seald Sweet Sales, Incorporated
Seald-Sweet Sales, Incorporated
Seminole County Citrus Fruit
Seymour Lustig
Shiloh Fruit Packing Company
Simpson Fruit Company
Six L's Packing Company, Incorporated
Smith And Thomas
Snoboy, Incorporated
Snyder And Mew
Snyder-Mew Company
Snyder-Mew Company, Incorporated
Sorrells Brothers Fruit Company
Sorrells Brothers Packing Company, Incorporated
South Bay Growers, Incorporated
South Lake Apopka Citrus Growers Association
Southern Fruit Distributors, Incorporated
Southernaire Fruit Company, Incorporated
Southward Fruit Company
Square Deal Fruit Company
Star Fruit Company
Stevenson And Eason
Sullivan Packing Company
T.B. Milam Packing House
Tampa Wholesale Produce Market
Theodore Strawn, Incorporated
Thompson Sales Company, Incorporated
Tracy Fruit Company
Tri-County Produce Distributors, Incorporated
Tropical Fruit Packers
Turner Fruit Company
Umatilla Citrus Growers Association
Umatilla Packers, Incorporated
Unity Farms, Incorporated
Valentine And Moore
Van Buren County Fruit Exchange, Incorporated
Vandegrift-Williams Farms
Vandegrift-Williams Farms, Incorporated
Vero Indian River Producers Association
Viti Brothers
W.A. Cross
W.B. Sparkman Jr.
W.D. Bourn, M.D.
W.E. Burquest
W.E. Christian
W.H. Clark Fruit Company
W.H. McBride
W.H. McBride, Incorporated
W.H. Vann, Incorporated
W.O. Moss
Walter Hawkins
Walter Holding Company
Warren Fruit Company
Waverly Growers Cooperative
Wedgworth Produce, Incorporated
West Coast Distributing Company
West Fruit Company
West Orange Citrus Growers Association
West Robinson Fruit Company
West Robinson Fruit Company, Incorporated
Wetumpka Fruit Company
Wetumpka Fruit CompanyOklawaha River Citrus League
Wilkinson-Cooper Produce, Incorporated
William G. Roe And Sons
Winter Garden Citrus Growers Association
Winter Haven Citrus Growers Association
Winter Haven Fruit Sales Corporation
Zellwood Fruit Distributors, Incorporated
Zolfo Vegetable Cooperative
Zolfo Vegetables Cooperative

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