1825 Leon County Census

Leon County Census (1825)
From: L. 69, Census of Leon County, Florida, 1825

About this Document
This document represents the entire census return for Leon County, Florida, as enumerated by James Cameron in September 1825. Cameron recorded 996 inhabitants in the county, including 608 whites, 387 slaves, and one free person, “of Colour.”

In addition to the total number of inhabitants and their status as either slave or free, the census includes: the name of the head of the family; the number of white males over 21; the number of white males under 21; the number of white females over 21; the number of white females under 21; and the number of slaves owned by each household.  

The Florida Legislative Council created Leon County from the eastern parts of Gadsden County on December 29, 1824. Since its creation, the boundaries of Leon County have changed several times, arriving at its present limits in 1881. At the time this census was taken, Leon County boosted the newly minted territorial capital of Tallahassee (established in 1824).

The area was also home to multiple Native American groups who were being forcibly relocated to reservations elsewhere in Florida according to the terms of the Treaty of Moultrie Creek (1823).