Photo Exhibits

Photo exhibits spotlight various topics in Florida history, and are accompanied by brief text intended to place selected materials in historical context.

Bittersweet: The Rise and Fall of the Citrus Industry in Florida


The Road to Beauty (1965)

Item Number: CA012

Health maintenance techniques are demonstrated, including how to walk properly, dance as exercise, nutrition (such as citrus), and sports. The film then moves on to discuss career, marriage, and home life. A wife announces that she is pregnant and the couple promptly drinks some orange juice to celebrate. Diet tips for pregnant women include citrus. Sponsored by Florida Citrus Commission.

Bottled Sunshine...A Juicy Story (1968)

Item Number: CA019

The story of Florida citrus cultivation. We see total processing at Tropicana in Bradenton. Also shows their glass plant and the Tropicana train, "the only regularly scheduled unit train in food industry history," featuring a mile of refrigerated box cars. Use of pulp as dairy feed is shown. Also see plastic juice container manufacturing and box manufacturing. Producer Tony Swain and Rose Swain, wife of cinematographer Mike Swain, are seen as airline passengers. Produced by Hack Swain Productions; sponsored by Tropicana Products.

Citrus Honey (1970s)

Item Number: BA175

This film shows how the honey and citrus industries depend on each other in Florida. Handling of bees and hives is shown in detail. Extraction of honey, removal of wax, and packaging are also shown. Viewers then see University of Florida researchers working with honey and citrus products.

Design for Winning (1970s)

Item Number: BA003

Steve Spurrier, Heisman Trophy winner and University of Florida star, describes various techniques for playing football. Ray Graves, Spurrier's college coach, says a few words as well. This leads to a pitch for orange juice at the training table. There are many scenes of Spurrier in action as a collegian and a professional football player throughout the film. Produced by Barton of Jacksonville; sponsored by the Florida Department of Citrus.