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Florida Folk Festival Recordings

About this Audio

The annual Florida Folk Festival in White Springs brings together performers from all over the country to demonstrate their diverse folk traditions, including music, dance, storytelling, crafts and foodways, to thousands of festival attendees. The first festival was organized in 1953 under the direction of Sara Gertrude Knott, founder of the National Folk Festival. In 1955, Thelma Boltin became director of the festival, and she coordinated the event for the next two decades.

The Bureau of Florida Folklife Programs organized the festival from 1976 until 1995, when the bureau relocated to Tallahassee. The Museum of Florida History then assumed leadership of general festival administration while the Florida Folklife Program continued to organize the Folklife and Apprenticeship Areas. Since 2002, the Florida Park Service has coordinated and run the festival.

These audio recordings represent the entirety of Florida Folk Festival recordings found in the collections of the State Archives of Florida.