Letter from Roxcy Bolton to Sheriff E. Wilson Purdy, 1973

Letter from Roxcy Bolton to Sheriff E. Wilson Purdy, 1973


October 10, 1973
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past president of the American Association of University Women, Miami Beach, will cover this subject in some detail. Ms. Croft, is a young woman not only concerned about the educated woman, but the woman on the streets of Brownsville and women in all walks of life. Disqualifying rapes is a way of bringing crime figures down.
Police officers can no longer say they know best how to deal with rape. Rape concerns every woman's body. And we intend to say how it is best for you to deal with this crime.
Mr. Purdy, I have asked Mr. Ray Goode to consider setting up Rape Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital. The purpose of such a center would be to send a woman who has been raped directly to the center - not to be quizzed by police officers on the scene or at the police station. I asked your support for such a center.
I also think rape cases should be heard in a closed door court room. Defense attorneys enjoy an audience to hear their skill in trying to break a woman that has been raped. Defense attorney XYZ says to the judge and for the benefit of the audience and jury - the distinguished Sheriff of Dade County has said - a rapist cannot have an erection. With that kind of ammunition, defense attorney XYZ is well on his way to winning his case.
So, Mr. Director, we need your help and understanding of what we're trying to change. At the root of it all is -attitude and habit.
I ask for you support of the Rape Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Also your endorsement of rape cases being heard behind closed doors.


State Archives of Florida: Collection M94-1, Box 02, Folder 41


Letter from Roxcy Bolton to Dade County Sheriff E. Wilson Purdy regarding crimes of rape.