Letter from Roxcy Bolton to Sheriff E. Wilson Purdy, 1973

Letter from Roxcy Bolton to Sheriff E. Wilson Purdy, 1973


Roxcy Bolton
1302 Alhambra Circle
Coral Gables, Florida 33134

October 10, 1973

E. Wilson Purdy,
Sheriff and Director of Public Safety
Public Safety Building
1320 N. W. 14th Street
Miami, Florida

Dear Mr. Purdy:
Please know concerned women appreciate your consideration in meeting with us on August 29, 1973 to discuss crimes of rape against women in this community. The fact that the lines of communication are open between feminists and your office is a sign of hope, a beginning to change attitudes toward one of the most serious crimes committed in this country. Police officers must re-evaluate their thinking in regard to rape. There is only one issue - the woman was raped - her body was invaded!!
The issue is the same as if you, Sheriff Purdy, were beaten in your home by an intruder because you forgot to lock the door - you wouldn't be grilled as to why you didn't lock your door. The focus would be, and rightly so, to apprehend the person responsible for invading your home. A man robbed and beaten in downtown Miami at 11:00 p.m. does not have to explain why he was there - a woman must always explain and prove her innocence when raped. Why? Because the prevailing male attitude is rather cavalier toward rape.
I recall your shocking observation that you didn't think a rapist could have an erection - you see this is the very kind of attitude that allows rape to run rampant in this country. This is also why over 50% of the rapes committed in this country are disqualified. Disqualifying rapes is one of the things I want this committee to deal with. Ms. Melinda Croft,


State Archives of Florida: Collection M94-1, Box 02, Folder 41


Letter from Roxcy Bolton to Dade County Sheriff E. Wilson Purdy regarding crimes of rape.