Florida Voter ERA pamphlet

Florida Voter ERA pamphlet


Highlights of the Convention Continued from page 9

The new LWVF officers and directors were elected and cheered by the delegates as the gavel was passed to President Lois Harrison as a tribute presented to her by LWV of Polk County.

The delegates packed up what was left of their displays and merchandise and headed back home loaded with information, literature, ideas, buttons, scarves, bags and responsibilities.

e.r.a. won't go away e.r.a. won't go away

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Constitutional Revision by Karen Minerva

The 1977 Convention of the League of Women Voters of Florida voted to reveiw and update "Florida Constitution"

Concurrence is an on-going process. When each of us is joined the League of Women Voters, we also concurred with positions already held by our local, state and national organizations. We accepted the validity of the consensus process: study, discussion, debate, consensus. We trust that the same amount of work has gone into the researching of a position as we would expect to do ourselves.

Those who were members in 1968 will recall that the League supported the 1968 revision even though we felt it had serious shortcomins. However, further revision seemed unlikely-- given political conditions at that time. Also, we were pelased that initiative was a part of the proposed revision (although it did need its own revision later.) Since 1968, we have been active in the reivion of the judicial article (limited merit selection and retention,) and financial disclosure (Sunshine.)

Summer reading for those preparing for fall concurrent should include the following basis texts:

Constitution Revision, 1977-78, LWVF Pub. #522, June 1977, 50 cents.

Our Florida Government, LWVFEF Pub. #700, June 1977, $1.

Study and Action, 1975-77, LWVF Pub. #365, June 1976, not $1, now 50 cents.

new publications


LWVF, Pub. #522, 19 pp., 50 cents.

This LWVF action publication outlines some League thinking about useful reforms which could be made in Florida's constitution and questions which merit consideration. Includes the major areas in which League has held positions for over tne years. Liberally quoted in the July 10, 1977 issue of the St. Petersburg Times. For every citizen concerned about the government of Florida and the document which is its backbone.

This book was written by Charlotte Hubbard of Dunedin, former LWVF Consitution Revision Chair, member of the Constitution Revision Commission and former member of the state Ethics Commission.

OUR FLORIDA GOVERNMENT LWVF Ed Fund, Pub. #700, 34 PP., $1

A three-in-one fact book that replaces Florida Government, What Price Florida Government, and Education in Florida. Only 34 pages long, this bright yellow and orange book by Arnetta Brown contains succinct chapters on the consitution, the three branches of government, taxes, elections, local government, property taxes and the Commission on Ethics-- with easy to read charts and graphs. An "every citizen" book which you'll want for yourself and as gifts to friends.

Order through your local League or send your check for $1.50 25 cents handling and postage to: League of Women Voters of Florida, 1035-S South Florida Avenue, Lakeland, FL 33803.


State Archives of Florida: Series 79, Box 1, Folder 37


A July-August 1977 pamphlet explaining the purpose of the Equal Rights Amendment; a message from lobbyist Mary Anne Sherman; the state program 1977-1979; and highlights from the 1977 convention. Members listed include Fran Boudolf, Ruth Ann Bramson, Arnetta Brown, Roxanna Dear, Deannie Picciotti, Judy Blankenship, Polly Doughty, Jean Martin, Sherry Newman, and Elise Webb.




League of Women Voters of Florida


Harrison, Lois

Sherman, Mary Anne

Churchill, Lucile




Modern Florida (1950-1990)

General Note

Passed by Congress in 1972, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) proposed that "equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state on account of sex." Though 35 states had ratified the ERA by the extended 1982 deadline, it still needed the support of a three-fourths majority, or 38 states, to amend the U.S. Constitution. In Florida, the amendment was introduced or voted on in every legislative session from 1972 until 1982. Though it passed the Florida House of Representatives on several occasions, it never passed the Senate. With the deadline fast approaching, Florida was one of four states to hold a special legislative session to decide on the fate of the ERA in the summer of 1982. While it passed the House (60-58), it again failed in the Senate with a 22-16 vote against ratification. It did not pass any of the other three state legislatures in special session that summer, and the ERA was defeated as a constitutional amendment.