Florida Voter ERA pamphlet

Florida Voter ERA pamphlet


State Program


The following items were adopted by the Convention of the League of Women Voters of Florida on June 9, 1977:


Action in support of state and national positions in relation to the Florida Constitution. Review and update in accordance with changing needs.


Action in support of state and national positions in relation to education in Florida.


Action in support of state and national positions in relation to election laws in Florida; re-examine the election code with emphasis on the primary system and campaign finance.

IV. Justice

Action on present positions in the administration of justice and juvenile justice areas; continued study of the juvenile justice system in Florida from the time of arrest through detention, adjudication and alternative methods of disposition with attention to prevention.


Action in support of state and national positions relating to Florida's taxes; review and update in accord with changing needs.

You may refer to Study and Action 1975-1977 (LWVF, Pub. #365, now 50 cents) for further information and background on these items.

Newly elected...

The follwowing were elected as officers and directors of the League of Women Voters of Florida at its convention on June 9, 1977. They have agreed to be responsible for the portfoliios listed below:

Lois Harrison, Lakeland, President

Eileen Belcher, Clearwater, V.P., Education Fund

Mary Anne Sherman, Gainesville, V.P., Program Action and E.R.A.

Dorothy Fulton, Miami, V.P., Organization

Florence Neidig, Orlando, Secretary

Lois Hoffmann, Indialantic, Treasuer

Marilyn Crotty, Maitland, Citizen Participation in Government

Shirley Hayes, Boca Raton, Public Relations and Membership

Lolly Kempton, Jupiter, National Resources

Karen Minerva, Tallahassee, Constitutional Revision

Deanye Overman, Gainesville, Justice

Pat Richardson, St. Petersburg, Florida Voter and Publications

Carol Rist, Ft. Lauderdale, Land Use

e.r.a. won't go away, e.r.a. won't go away

E.R.A. Committee

The LWVF E.R.A. Committee includes: Mary Anne Sherman, V.P., Chairperson; Lois Harrison, Pres.l Judy Blankenship, Polly Doughty, Jean Martin, Sherry Newman, Deannie Picciottie and Elise Webb.

Florida Voter

Newly Appointed

Fran Boudolf has served on the state board as chair for Environmental Quality and is presently Energy Chair. She has been president of the LWV of Okaloosa County. She is president of the Okaloosa County Pollution Control and Water Resource Advisory Board.

Fran's husband, Henry, is an engineer. The Boudolf's have two daughters and a grandson.

Ruth Ann Bramson is immediate past president of the LWV of Hillsborough Co. She has taught American history and social studies in public schools in Iowa., Mo., N.Y. and Hiratsuka, Japan. She is presently working for a master's degree in political science at the U. of S. Fla. She will serve the LWVF as Government Chair (national).

Ruth Anne's Husband, Bob, is a radiologist. The Bramsons have three children: Matt 8, Brian 7, and Elizabeth 5.

Arnetta Brown has belonged to Leagues in Minnesota, Nebraska, and Florida. She was president of LWV of St. Petersburg for 3 years. She has served on the state board for 6 years-- the last 2 as Land Use and Housing Chair. She will now serve as LWVF Tax and Urban Crisis Chair. Arnetta has been a member of the Governor's Task Force on Houseing and of the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council Citizen Advisory Committee.

Arnetta received her M.D. from University of Minnesota with a speciality in pediatrics. Her husband, Schuyler, is a physician. The Browns have five children and four grandchildren.

Roxanna (Roxy) Dear has served as office manager for the LWVF for the past two years. She is a member of the LWV of Metro. Dade Co. and has served as unit leader and membership director. She will be Finance and Organization Chair for LWVF.

Roxy attended Stetson Univ. and is now enrolled at Fla. Intenational Univ. She is a panelist for the Panel of American Women.

Roxy and her husband, Tyrrel, (who is an Episcopal parish priest), have to children: Virginia 14 and Breck 12.

Deannie Picciotti has served as Education Chair on local League Boards in both York Co, PA and S. Palm Beach Co. Fla. She has prepared state guides on education funding for LWVF. She has been involved in many non-League education activities: Ad Hoc committee for Education Legislation for Palm Beach Co. Schools, Textbook Selection Committee for Co. and she tutors in reading at a parochial school.

Deannie's husband, Gene, is a marketing engineer. The Picciottis have three children: Daniella 9, William 8 and Andrea 5.

July/August 1977


State Archives of Florida: Series S79, Box 1, Folder 37


A July-August 1977 pamphlet explaining the purpose of the Equal Rights Amendment; a message from lobbyist Mary Anne Sherman; the state program 1977-1979; and highlights from the 1977 convention. Members listed include Fran Boudolf, Ruth Ann Bramson, Arnetta Brown, Roxanna Dear, Deannie Picciotti, Judy Blankenship, Polly Doughty, Jean Martin, Sherry Newman, and Elise Webb.




League of Women Voters of Florida


Harrison, Lois

Sherman, Mary Anne

Churchill, Lucile




Modern Florida (1950-1990)

General Note

Passed by Congress in 1972, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) proposed that "equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state on account of sex." Though 35 states had ratified the ERA by the extended 1982 deadline, it still needed the support of a three-fourths majority, or 38 states, to amend the U.S. Constitution. In Florida, the amendment was introduced or voted on in every legislative session from 1972 until 1982. Though it passed the Florida House of Representatives on several occasions, it never passed the Senate. With the deadline fast approaching, Florida was one of four states to hold a special legislative session to decide on the fate of the ERA in the summer of 1982. While it passed the House (60-58), it again failed in the Senate with a 22-16 vote against ratification. It did not pass any of the other three state legislatures in special session that summer, and the ERA was defeated as a constitutional amendment.