Colton's Florida, 1884 -East

Colton's new sectional map of the eastern portion of Florida : from the surveys of the U.S. Land Office, the U.S. Coast Survey and other original sources.

Colton's Florida, 1884 -East

Map Number



State Library of Florida, Florida Map Collection, HISTORIC ERA 19TH CENTURY 0035




G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co.


New York : G. W. and C. B. Colton & co., 1884, c1880.

Physical Description

1 map : color ; 80 x 63 cm. folded to 16 x 10 cm.


Scale not given.

General Notes

Scale of miles, 10 = one inch.

Prime Meridians: Greenwich, Washington.



Late 19th Century Florida (1877-1900)

Geographic Scope

Region: North Maps





Colton's Florida, 1884 -East
Colton's Florida, 1884 -East

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Colton's Florida, 1884 -East

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Colton's Florida, 1884 -East

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Place Names (831)

Entities (53)

Land Grants (49)

  • A Heurtas Grant
  • A Hull Grant
  • A.Alvarez Grant
  • Arredondo Grant
  • Atkinson Grant
  • Brigs & Robinson Grant
  • Bunch Grant
  • C de J. Hijuelos Grant
  • C.F. Sibbald Grant
  • C.S. Sibbale Grant
  • D. Fernandez Grant
  • D. Reyes Grant
  • Desplain Grant
  • Domingo Acosta Grant
  • Entralgo Grant
  • F. de la Maza Arredondo Grant
  • FM Arredondo St. Grant
  • Fernandez Grant
  • Fiume Bethune Grant
  • Fiume P. Fatio Grant
  • G.J.F Clarke Grant
  • G.P. Clarke Grant
  • Garvin Grant
  • General D.L. Clinch Grant
  • George I. F. Clarke Grant
  • Grant
  • Hardy Grant
  • Hernando Segu Grant
  • J. Breward Grant
  • J. M. Hernandez
  • J. Rodman Grant
  • J.B. Gaudry Grant
  • J.H. McIntosh Grant
  • J.M. Hernandez Grant
  • J.W. Low Grant
  • John Broward Grant
  • John Hanson Grant
  • Moses E. Levy Grant
  • Ormand Grant
  • PellicerBulow Grant
  • Perpall Grant
  • R. Dupont Grant
  • S. Betts Grant
  • S. Williams Grant
  • Sanchez Grant
  • T. Clarke Grant
  • T. Fitch Grant
  • Theo. Fitch Grant
  • West Panter Grant