Rey and Jerry Wood Canoeing the Wakulla River

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  • ca. 1940

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  • 6:20; color; silent; V-259; BA436


  • This film shows a couple paddling what appears to be a homemade boat or canoe. According to the film’s intertitles, the couple is Rey and Jerry Wood, “two youthful adventurers paddling their way from California to New York City.” The film shows the pair paddling through the “scenic jungle” of the Wakulla River and into Wakulla Springs. Promoter and expert swimmer Newt Perry dives from a high platform into the spring. He swims to the boat and invites Jerry to take a dip. Jerry removes his pants to reveal a bathing suit and dives in. Newt Perry offers Jerry his diving mask, and they take turns going under water until Jerry returns to the boat, giving thanks and waving goodbye.
    Rey and Jerry paddle back onto the river and through lush, tree-canopied areas. Jerry smokes his pipe as they paddle through swampy grasses. The last intertitle reads, “They reluctantly paddle down the river to the gulf and more adventure carrying with them plenty of material for a chapter on the Wakulla Springs in their new book.”

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