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  • 1967

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  • 14:50; color; sound; CA099; V-254


  • This film, narrated by Bob Weaver, promotes the Gulfstream Park horse racing venue. The focus is on the 1967 Florida Derby, a race for three-year-old thoroughbreds, and the special events surrounding the race. These events include: a fashion show; water skiers from Cypress Gardens; a wild animal race featuring zebras ridden by jockeys dressed as Tarzan; and the Derby Ball with shots of Governor Claude Kirk and his wife, Erika, dancing. Other items of interest include: shots of the Jackie Gleason show being filmed at Gulfstream Park; other races, such as the Dawn Handicap; Canadian Turf Handicap; Gulfstream Park Handicap; and the Pan-American Turf Handicap. Produced by Tel-Air Interests, Inc.


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