The Miracle of Flowers

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  • 1950s

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  • 14:05; color; sound; V-61 CA171; S. 828


  • This film begins with beautiful time-lapse photography of flowers blooming. It shows the entire process in Florida, including planting and arrangements in homes, offices and weddings. Viewers see cutting, grading, packaging and shipping, as well as the preparation of plastic-covered greenhouses. The film shows the Flower Association functioning at its Bradenton headquarters and research lab. There are scenes of flowers in everyday life. The film tells viewers that, "Flowers on the dinner table help adults relax and little folks eat better." It also describes flowers as, "always helping, never hurting, always good, never evil." The film ends by stating that, "Flowers are a gift from God, an expression of his love for us." The film shows farm equipment, farm laborers, a DC-3 airplane and refrigerated flower trucks. Produced by John L. Douglas and Associates (Bradenton); sponsored by the Florida Flower Growers Association.

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