First Church of the Brethren

  • Denomination: Brethren
  • Pastor: C.E Bowers
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • County: Orange
  • City: Winter Park
  • Established: 1925

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First Church of the Brethren

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FIRST CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN, 1925--. Harmon and Clay Streets, Winter Park, Orange County.

Constituted 1925. Services were held, 1925-36, in a small frame building, 1519 Miller Avenue. The present church, a rectangular, buff colored, concrete block building was erected and dedicated, 1936. Present membership ____. Active organizations: Sunday School, Young People’s Society, Woman’s Auxiliary, Intermediate and Junior Brethren Pioneer’s Club. First settled and only pastor, Rev. C.E. Bowers, 1925--, 1523 Indiana Avenue, Winter Park; Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana.

CHURCH MINUTES, 1925--, 2 vols. Showing minutes; list of church officers; receipts and disbursements. Custody, church secretary, Miss Miriam Miller, 1347 Palmetto Avenue, Winter Park.

MEMBERSHIP ROLL, 1938--, 1 vol. Showing membership roll; district traveling expenses; annual church reports. Custody, C.E. Bowers, pastor, 1523 Indiana Avenue, Winter Park.

FINANCIAL RECORDS, 1925--, 1 vol. Showing receipts and disbursements. Custody, church treasurer, F.D. Chambers, 1143 Miller Avenue, Winter Park. Fair condition.

SUNDAY SCHOOL RECORDS, 1925-26, 1929-35, 1939--, 11 vols. Showing attendance by classes, topics, special programs; receipts and disbursements.

BRETHEN YOUNG PEOPLES DEPARTMENT MINUTE BOOK, 1937--, 2 vols. Showing minutes; list of offices and teachers; financial reports. Custody, Brethren Young People’s Secretary, Howard Cox, 1437 Illinois Street, Winter Park.

WOMENS WORK RECORD, 1938--, 1 vol. Showing minutes and financial reports.