All Saints Espiscopal Church of Winter

  • Demonination: Episcopal
  • Pastor: George Canon
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • County: Orange
  • City: Winter Park
  • Date: 1883

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All Saints Espiscopal Church of Winter

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ALL SAINTS EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF WINTER PARK, 1883--, Interlachen and Lyman Avenues, Winter Park, Orange County.

Organized in 1883 in a room over a general store, corner of Morse Blvd. and Orange Ave.; met here, and in the Congregational Church, until 1880 when the present church was erected; a French Peasant Gothic style building, wood, T shaped, white, with bell, belfry, memorial windows, pipe organ, 2 bronze memorial plaques church was consecrated in 1924.

First settled pastor, Rev. George Canon Street, 1884-1892, education unknown.

Unpublished historical sketch by Mr. Julian Yongi, “Notes”, 1874-1886, written 1886, located in the office of Mr. Watt Marshman, college archivist, at Rollins College, Winter Park.

Published history, “History All Saints Episcopal Church”, Winter Park Herald, May 1, 1925, 1 column, custody of Mr. Watt Marshman, Rollins College, Winter Park.