Saturday afternoon performances at the 1965 Florida Folk Festival (Main Stage)

Date: May 8, 1965

Source: S1576 , T77-153a

Type: Sound

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Download: MP3

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  • Indian Dance demo (Order of the Arrow)
  • Snake Dance (Billie)
  • Mountain Dew (Ferguson)
  • Without him (Herschel Wall Singers)
  • Beautiful Light
  • When My Blue moon Turns to Gold
  • This Little White Church
  • Dear Old Dixie
  • Philippine Stick Dance (International Students of UF)
  • You Are Going to Miss Me When I Am Gone (Thompson)
  • Early in the Morning
  • Clogging (Florida Town)
  • Jam on Grays Rock (Tom & Esther Beadnell)
  • Engineers Child
  • English Country Dance (Marietta Johnson School)
  • Step Stately
  • Come All Ye Fair and Gentle Ladies (Skipworth)
  • Take your Fingers Off it (Gennessee Jug Band)
  • Its All Worn Out
  • I am Satisfied With My Gal
  • No More Cane on the Brazos (Flip & Barbara Pearce)
  • All My Trials
  • The Cruel War (Flemming)
  • Trains Is a Coming (Smith Family)
  • Old Joe Clark
  • Whistling (Parker)

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