Jeanie Fitchen and Ernie Williams at the 1992 Florida Folk Festival (Crossroads Stage - Festival History)

Date: May 24, 1992

Source: S1576 , Container 29 , C92-12, C92-13

Type: Sound

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  • One audio cassette recording. C92-12: Jeanie Fitchen (Sharpes, FL) and Ernie Williams (Dade City, FL) discuss their musical traditions and their first appearances at the Folk Festival. They talk about the influences on their music (Fitchen - her mother's opera singing and traditional British songs; Williams - Alabama steelmill communities) and perform. Williams sings "Mockingbird"; Fitchen sings "Story of Metger Evers" and "Cherry Tree Hymn". They also discuss meeting Will McLean and Thelma Boltin at their first Festival in 1966. C92-13: Jeanie Fitchen (Sharpes, FL) and Ernie Williams (Dade City, FL) continue discussing their musical influences. They talk about the focus on Florida songs; Fitchen discusses changes in music in the 1970s and how she takes music into schools; Williams discusses the need for mentors in "reflective music"; they discuss Gamble Rogers' influence on a young musician (Sam Pacetti of St. Augustine, FL). Because this was the 40th festival, the Crossroads area was partly devoted to performers who contributed to the festival's past and development.

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