Sunday performances at the 1982 Florida Folk Festival (Old Marble Stage) (Reels 6-8)

Date: May 30, 1982

Source: S1576 , T83-59, T83-60, T83-61

Type: Sound

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Download: MP3

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  • Sambo the Dummy (T83-59)
  • Bird Act (Rodgers)
  • Old Oak Bucket (Mae Noell)
  • I Feel Good Lord (McClain)
  • Come By Here
  • Stormy Weather
  • God Bless America
  • Woggle Bug (Mae Noell) (T83-60)
  • I Will Bet You Five My Feet Arent Clean
  • Moustache Song
  • Ugly Baby song
  • I Got Mine (Book Binder)
  • Hes In the Jailhouse Now
  • Rope Tricks (Bob Noell)
  • Clown act (Parker) (T83-61)
  • Punch and Judy show (Whitehead)

Place Name

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  • Three reel to reel recordings. Folklorist Bulger served as emcee. Performance of an old fashioned medicine show, including a bird show, clown, Punch and Judy show, a ventriloquist, rope tricks, and blues music.

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