Seminar on folklife for teachers

Date: July 18, 1983

Source: S1576 , Container 14 , C84-73, C84-74, C84-75, C84-76, C84-77, C84-78, C84-79

Type: Sound

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  • Seven audio cassettes. C84-73: Nancy Nusz (facilitator); Ormond Loomis, Peggy Bulger, and Barbara Beauchamp discuss Florida Folklife history; history of the Florida Folklife Festival; and answer questions. C84-74: Nancy Nusz (facilitator); Barbara Beauchamp and Peggy Bulger discuss the history of the Florida Folk Festival; history of Florida Folklife; Stephen Foster Music Days; and answer questions. C84-75: Peggy Bulger, Nancy Nusz, and Betty [last name?] answer questions and discuss Dwight Devane's book; Tom Smith; Folk Arts in Education; Folklife catalog. C84-76: Nancy Nusz and teachers discuss tobacco; tobacco and modern technology; black-eyed peas; plays clips of field tapes from Nancy Nusz's work in Madison County (singing, quilters, furniture maker, fiddle player, agriculture, cane syrup, Louise Sanders). C84-77: Self-introduction of all the participants in the seminar (specific names are listed on the index sheet, but I omitted them here); folklorists present included Nancy Nusz and Merri Belland. At the end, Merri Belland talks about how to identify a Folk Artist. C84-78: Merri Belland and teachers discuss how to identify folk artists; showing of baskets; question and answer; Pharoah; Nancy Nusz gives an explanation of folklore; Merri talks about Pharoah; Nancy talks about Guy Labree; question and answer between teachers and Merri and Nancy; Merri discusses folk aesthetic; examples of folk artists; Nancy talks about how to bring folk artists into the classroom; teacher asks about Thelma Boltin; nancy talks about money; talk; travel; honorarium; media. C84-79: Nancy Nusz and teachers discuss contracts; collections/fieldwork; alligator wrestling; research/collection; how to do interviews; Merri Belland discusses foodways.

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